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    on casters, Trendelenburg


The Advanced® A4051 is an Infant Warmer designed to provide a temperature controlled environment that help newborn infants to maintain their body temperatures, often those infants who were born prematurely or with an illness. A comprehensive set of accessories allow our Advanced® A4051 to provide optimum care to those patients.


The Advanced® A4051 is used in Pediatric Hospitals, Birthing Centers, Nursery Units and Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Key Features
Microprocessor LED’S Display Monitor.
Servo control Patient skin mode
Manual mode
Intelligent Pre-Heating Function
Quartz Infrared heater very effective heat Radiation
Articulable irradiant reflector allows fast access to X-ray equipment
Retractable X-Ray Tray
LED Auxiliary Patient illumination system
Manual Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg
Foldable Acrylic side protectors
Panel of Aspiration Gases + Babypuff
Oxygen and air flowmeters
Timer and Apgar Counter
Patient skin temperature probe
Air Temperature monitoring
2 Drawers with tray
Two E-Type Cylinder holder
Castors with brakes
Three Collector Bag/Cable Guider Hooks
Self-extinguishable PU Foam/Memory Mattress
Comprehensive alarm system
Patient temperature monitoring
Optional phototherapy systems PT-2000
Optional integrated Air/Oxygen Blender
Monitor shelf
IV Pole
Two years warranty