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cardiac retractor / for minimally invasive surgery
Valve XS Atrium Retractor



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    for minimally invasive surgery


Valve XS Atrium Retractor
Retractor for minimally invasive heart valve surgery
The innovative and flexible design of this new Atrium Retractor enables the surgeon a precise positioning for an enlarged viewing and access to the heart with an increased working area.
- Excellent exposure of mitral valve
- Blades fits perfect to the anatomical structure of the atrium
- Secure hold
- More flexibility in retractor placement
- V-shaped retractor blades
- Mitral and tricuspid valves
- Additional single use lateral blade for mitral valve
- Clamping lever which locks the retractor blades securely
- Joint connection
In addition to the Valve XS Atrium Retractor Aesculap offers a complete portfolio for the minimally invasive valve surgery. The Valve XS portfolio can be found under the chapter minimally invasive valve surgery.