gynecology examination table / electric / height-adjustable / Trendelenburg
HK-2065/3E, HK-2065/3H



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    height-adjustable, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg

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These combined multi-function examination tables, with their three-piece upholstered tabletop, are suitable for a wide range of application fields. To prevent rocking and swinging movements of the tabletop, they are manufactured with dual-box rectangular profiles.
The AGA combined multi-function tables with height adjustment are available with
manual height adjustment - Article No. HK-2065/3H
hydraulic height adjustment - Article No. HK-2065/3Y
electric height adjustment - Article No. HK-2065/3E
The height adjustment take place without lateral offset and with little effort. even with heavier patients (up to 200 kg).
Three-piece tabletop for a wide range of applications
These multi-fonction tables are manufactured with precision dual-box rectangular profiles and a three-piece tabletop (upholstery thickness 64 mm) for a wide range of applications.
The tabletop sections can be continuously adjusted as required, independently of each other, for optimal patient treatment positioning and secured with a clamping rod locking mechanism.
A pelvic cut-out can be found in the tabletop frame and upholstered seat.
The chrome-plated crossbars with levelling screws and flat-foot structure are more durable against external factors such as repeated vacuum cleaner impacts than a plastic-coated frame.
The manual height adjustment (HK-2065/3H) is done with a hand crank, which can be operated from the left or right hand side.