dermal problem dermovital therapy unit / inflammation / joint pain / menstrual pain
AIRNERGY+ Stream V2015 Dermovital Therapy



  • Applications:

    dermal problem, inflammation, joint pain, menstrual pain, burn, sprains

  • Ergonomics:



What is the Airnergy Stream and where is it used?
The Airnergy Stream is a handy device for the treatment of pain of any kind. The affected parts of the body are treated with light, the so-called Dermovital Therapy. In this process, natural photosynthesis is mimicked with a special catalyst technique and active oxygen is released which stimulates the body's cell regeneration. For example, joint complaints, muscle pain, headaches and migraine, ear diseases, injuries such as bone fractures, bruises or strains can be alleviated. Also cosmetic complaints such as cellulite, skin aging and scars can be counteracted.

How is the Airnergy Stream used?
Due to its ergonomic shape, the device can be placed well on the affected area. The light that is on the lower side streams through the clothing or skin and can act on the cells. The light also radiates through bony body parts so that for example migraine and headaches can be treated. The therapy is recommended 3 to 5 times daily for 10 to 20 minutes. Incorrect operation is almost impossible due to the simple application.
(Source: "Prof. Hademar Bankhofer in conversation with Prof. Dr. Klaus Jung: Dermovitaltherapie, The new pain medicine from the future", from the magazine "Kneipp bewegt", issue 7/8 2013)