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Airnergy Vital Set+



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The Vital-Set consists of the Airnergy Professional Plus Compact including head-diffuser and the Airnergy Stream HS and the Aromakit 1. The Airnergy Professional Plus Compact is designed for inside the spirovital and with its four activation units (catalysts) designed for demanding long-term use, as well as private and commercial. After about 2000 hours of operation (6000 applications) we recommend a "service 2000". The warranty period is 2 years. Our recommended usage time per session is 21 minutes. With the help of the head diffuser high comfortableness during vitalized breathing is guaranteed. The stream is used for dermovital therapy. This means "revitalizing the cells through the skin". The light of the Airnergy Stream is used to treat physical pain of all kinds. A special catalyst technology imitates natural photosynthesis and releases active oxygen, which stimulates the body's own cell regeneration. The stream is simply placed on the affected area of ​​the body. We recommend treating the area for 10 to 20 minutes. Due to the easy handling a wrong operation is virtually impossible. (Source: "Prof. Hademar Bankhofer in conversation with Prof. Dr. Klaus Jung: Dermovital Therapy, The new pain medicine of the future", from the magazine "Kneipp moves", Issue 7/8 2013)