fluoroscopy system / digital / for cardiovascular fluoroscopy / with floor-mounted C-arm



  • System type:

    fluoroscopy system

  • Technology:


  • Application:

    for cardiovascular fluoroscopy

  • Features:

    with floor-mounted C-arm, with tilting table


Product : Fixed Cath LabModels/Ratings : Pride / PrideHP (80 / 100 KW)Series : ALTIMAAllengers - Altima uses state-of-the-art digital Technology for superb performance, improved reliability, ease of use to meet the expectations of Cardiologists to give a single solution for Cardiac and Vascular imaging.Special Features: Direct Digital Image Formation. Distortion Free uniform image. 1K X 1K or higher resolution. RADshield for radiation protection. Fully motorized movements. Non contact proximal sensor based anti collision and preview collimation device. Pre-programmable positions. SID variation. Accelerated movements. Detector / Image intensifier.