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Mercedes Amb01



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    type B, type A, type C


The Mercedes Emergency Type Ambulances are completely harmonious with EN1789 ambulance standards. Technical and medical materials, used in the ambulance, are compatible with 10G (crash test) certificate. Seats, platforms of the stretcher, stretchers, and medical device tools, which will be assembled, is proper En1789 ambulance standards. Mercedes ambulance is manufactured as being proper for the ministry of health specification.

Mercedes emergency Ambulance is manufactured with the left side, the right side, and the ceiling with Abs covering.

Electric Installation
The whole electric installation which is used in designing and equipping the ambulance. Medical devices, ambulance connection mounting elements are manufactured as being appropriate with EN 1789+A2 standard.

Mercedes sprinter ambulances and the ambulance equipment are the most recently produced. They have never been used before compared with their segments.

The emergency ambulance works as a whole in harmony with the equipment and accessory that it contains.

The whole electric system, which is used in the ambulance, can be accessible from the patient’s and driver’s compartment. All the insurances, indicators, and the control boards are assembled as easily attainable for maintenance. External containers of ambulance’s top lamp, the electronic devices, the medical devices. The connections are not only being resistant to corrosion but also waterproof.