box ambulance / type C / type B / type A1
Mercedes Amb05



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    type C, type B, type A1, type A2, type D


Mercedes Box Type Ambulance: Mercedes sprinter chassis is manufactured by adding a box onto the ambulance. It can be produced as both emergency helping or patient transferring. A box, which is made from sandwich panels, is installed onto the ambulance chassis. The profile thickness used in the case is 25mm. It is possible to reach the oxygen and stretcher group from out of the ambulance via an explicit cupboard. There is a stretcher carrying platform, which has a movement among the left and right sides. Also, there is a ramp in order to help stretcher to get out of the ambulance easily. There are defibrillator and ventilator devices in the ambulance.

Mercedes Box Type Ambulance Case
It is produced from polyurethane material. There is a Mercedes Box Type Ambulance toolbox set, located in clamps which can be easily open, which is proper for the use of an ambulance in the patient cabinet. There are a fire extinguisher, oxygen extinguisher and urgent helping kits in this set. Also, there is a wedge in order to prevent the vehicle to slip while it is parked. There is a medical waste box, produced from stainless steel, which is located near the patient stretcher’s head part in the patient cabin. Also, here is a syringe waste box on the medical waste box.

There is an area (which contains plastic medicine and an organ transport bag produced from hygienic material. These bags can be used by putting coolers in it.) in order to store the vacuum stretcher located in the back side of doctors’ seat in the patient cabin.