real-time PCR system / compact / high-performance / portable

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real-time PCR system / compact / high-performance / portable real-time PCR system / compact / high-performance / portable - Maverick


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    compact, high-performance, portable


Meet Maverick, an ultra-portable, fast, and Bluetooth(R) 2.0-enabled qPCR system that is compatible with standard qPCR assays. Target applications are rapid, on-the-site nucleic acid test of infectious diseases; blood screening; food safety and environmental monitoring.

Maverick features a 4-channel fluorescence optical system based on Anitoa CMOS ULS24 Ultra-low-light biosensor chip. With no internal moving parts, Maverick is rugged and requires no calibration to operate.

Maverick compact qPCR system

Product overview
Anitoa Maverick is a portable high-performance real time quantitative PCR system. Maverick is equipped with a 4-channel direct imaging fluorescence optical system, powered by Anitoa's ultra-lowlight CMOS bio-imager sensor; and a fast Peltier-powered thermal cycler. Maverick is optimally suited for applications where portability, minimal space, fast time-to-result is required. Applications of Maverick are point-of-care molecular diagnostics test (POCT)1 , food safety and environment testing, agriculture, or research lab use where bench space is limited.

- Compact and rugged design. No internal moving parts, and no need for calibration.
- Multi-wavelengths 4-channels fluorescence sensing capability2.
- Equipped with ultra-low-light sensitive CMOS-based fluorescent imager.
- Multi-lingual, cross platform software, with cloud connectivity for data storage and analytics
- Low power. External 10V supply. <= 90W active power.
- Battery-backup option for outdoor use and power loss protection

Key parameters
Capacity (# of wells) 4, 8, 16
Channels (# of Fluorophores per well) 4 (1. FAM/SYBR Green; 2. JOE/HEX/VIC/TET;

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