hospital bed mattress overlay / hollow silicone fiber / anti-decubitus



  • Applications:

    for hospital beds

  • Technology:

    hollow silicone fiber

  • Other characteristics:



Silicone hollow fibre mattress
The AG19 silicone hollow fibre mattress is cylinder-shaped, and hermetically closed with preshrunk cotton cover. The interior contains 100% 14 denier polyester fibre, with the following characteristics:

Hollow, and multi-channel, for ideal resilience and breathability;
conjugated with silicone wires to allow for quick rebound from the stresses of body weight;
siliconised to prevent amassing and preserve elasticity;
it does not come in contact with natural rubber latex proteins during any stage of processing.
The amount of conjugated silicone hollow fibre is such that a good response to load is provided.
The exterior is made of preshrunk cotton, a shrink-proof fabric.