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    for the pharmaceutical industry, for the sugar industry, process

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Automatic Process Polarimeter: Propol

The Propol process polarimeter is used as a polarimetric online or inline sensor for concentration measurement in the production of chiral compounds. Its measuring method compensates the Optical Rotation by means of the Faraday effect. This means it has no moving parts and is therefore maintenance-free. Typical applications are the synthesis or extraction of biochemicals, separation of racemates, liquid sugar poduction and waste water control in sugar refineries.

Key Features
Application-oriented design
Measuring unit and control unit connected by a cable of 100 m length
Robust cast aluminum housing for harsh environments
Waterproof, protection class IP 65
Can be modified for explosion proof-status (optional)
No mechanically moved parts and therefore maintenance-free
LED light source with an average life of 100 000 h

Adaptable and secure
Measuring ranges for Optical Rotation, %Sucrose, %Glucose
Three user-configurable concentration ranges
Facility for automatic temperature compensation
Comparator functions with two programmable setpoints
Ready for every task with 20 mA analog output and RS-232 interface

Typical applications
Synthesis and extraction of chiral biochemicals such as antibiotics, amino acids, hormones, vitamins, flavors and fragrances
Separation of racemates, molasses separation, liquid sugar production
Waste water control in sugar refineries