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liquid pump / electric / centrifugal / compact
Rhino G2 TMA

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liquid pump / electric / centrifugal / compact liquid pump / electric / centrifugal / compact - Rhino G2 TMA


  • Fluid type:

    for liquids

  • Operational mode:

    electric, centrifugal

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, close-coupled

  • Flow:

    Min.: 0 m³/h (0 ft³/h)

    Max.: 50 m³/h (1,765.7333 ft³/h)

  • Power:

    0.55 kW, 7.5 kW (0.75 hp)


Our self-priming pumps boast the following important features:
pumping liquids with a specific gravity without reducing performance by installing electric motors of increased power;
the use of E-CTFE for magnetic versions offers an unparalleled chemical resistance when compared to other injection moulded polymers;
the close-coupled versions have standardised electric motors.

3 versions are available: Hippo (ZMA), Elk (TMA G1) and Rhino (TMA G2)

Capacity: up to 50 m3/h
Construction: close-coupled
Motor powers: kW 0,55 : 7,5
Wetted parts: PP, E-CTFE, U-PVC, PDVF

The self-priming process allows to carry the pumped fluid by aspiring air and then by collecting the liquid. Thanks to Argal's specific self-priming construction, our pumps are able to operate with higher suction length and shorter priming times than traditional self-priming pumps.