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electric medical bathtub / height-adjustable / for burn victims / Snoezelen
Primo Ferro



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    height-adjustable, Snoezelen, for burn victims


The Primo Ferro® is a height-adjustable bathing system designed to meet specialised needs for gentle resident/patient handling.

It is particularly suitable for care facilities involved in the treatment of burns injuries or chronic skin conditions.

Enhancing lives
The Primo Ferro can assist in the specialist care of residents/patients of all mobility levels.

Making tasks easier and safer
Specialist care can be provided in an ergonomically-sound working environment that involves no manual lifting.

Improving care and efficiency
The system has high flexibility and features can be customised to the specific needs of your facility. There is a wide range of control, comfort and safety options that are very relevant parameters in the specialised treatment, such as digital temperature control, triple scalding protection, automatic disinfection system and autofill.

Primo Ferro has a polished, high-finish, acid-resistent stainless steel tank. Stainless steel is a high-quality material, uniquely suited to the exacting demands for chemical-resistance and ease of disinfection for burn and therapy treatment facilities.

System integration
The complete Primo Ferro concept includes integration with the Alenti®, Miranti™, Bolero™ and Calypso™ mobile lifting aids, to cover all resident/patient mobility levels.