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bedpan washer bedpan washer - Ninjo


A washer disinfector that combats cross infection, simply and effectively

Creating a complete solution to meet cleaning and disinfection needs with the latest technology.

The Ninjo™ washer disinfector system provides flexibility and choice. This modular concept disinfection solution, with multiple design options and choice of materials, including stainless steel, will meet all sluice room disinfection equipment needs.

Available as a freestanding unit or under the counter model, the system comprises of a series of high pressure water cycles delivered through strategically located fixed and rotating nozzles, followed by a steam phase, producing levels of disinfection that not only meet, but exceed the stringent cleaning and disinfection requirements of the EN ISO15883 (CAN/CSA Z15883).

The Ninjo washer disinfector plays a central role in an efficient sluice room, but is only one element in effective infection control practices. Arjo helps hospitals and healthcare facilities to create an optimised sluice room and establish an overall infection prevention and control strategy.