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bedpan washer bedpan washer - Tornado


Tornado™ is a front-loaded flusher disinfector delivering excellent performance in emptying, cleaning and thermal disinfection.

Tornado has been specifically designed to offer options and features to combat cross infection and provide even greater support to effective infection prevention and control routines.

A series of high pressure water cycles delivered through strategically located fixed and rotating nozzles, and followed by a steam phase produces a result that meets and exceeds the stringent cleaning & disinfection requirements of ISO15883 (CAN/CSA Z15883).

The Tornado washer disinfector plays a central role in an efficient sluice room, but is only one element in effective infection control practices. Arjo can help you to create an optimised sluice room and establish an overall infection prevention and control strategy. After choosing the Tornado washer disinfector, the following three steps will create a complete solution:

STEP 1: Choosing the right holder
The universal holder takes most commonly used receptacles and a wide range of holders. However, the optimal performance level can only be reached by selecting the optimal holder from the comprehensive standard range offered by ArjoHuntleigh.

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