treatment trolley / medicine distribution / storage / for instruments



  • Applications:

    treatment, medicine distribution, storage

  • Use:

    for instruments, medication, for medical devices, catheter

  • Components:

    with tray, with basket, with door, with storage unit

  • Other characteristics:

    medical, aluminum, with electronic lock


Doublewide Trolley

REG SOLUTION provides you with integrated solution of comprehensive 6S medical storage management and solution of visual management storage.

From 6S management

Visual Management

The impression of people is 80% from the eye, and the scientific visual management is essential to storage management. Medical store visual management refers to the use of the image of an intuitive storage partition or color use, improves visual perception, which is a scientific management method to improve the labor productivity and accuracy, it combined with classification box, label, become an important part of medical lean management.