wearable activity monitor / wrist / USB
MotionWatch 8

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wearable activity monitor / wrist / USB wearable activity monitor / wrist / USB - MotionWatch 8


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The MotionWatch is the next generation of actigraph from CamNtech, inventors of the Actiwatch. Following discontinuation of the Actiwatch 4 and 7, CamNtech has utilised advances in accelerometer technology to produce the MotionWatch 8 with a tri-axial digital accelerometer.

The activity plots coupled with specialised software can be used to quantify the intensity and duration of daily physical activity. This data can be used for a wide variety of applications e.g. as an indicator of a particular lifestyle, to monitor the effects on mobility of a medical condition or efficacy of its treatment, or to identify irregular activity patterns for assesment of sleep quality.

Main features
- Actiwatch Replacement MotionWatch 8 on wrist
- Compatible with Actiwatch 4 & 7 files
- Light-weight waterproof wristworn actigraph
- Fast direct USB transfer
- USB data transfer eliminates need for a reader
- Light sensor and event marker included as standard
- User replaceable battery
- Records up to 180 days with a 1 minute epoch
- Software includes NPCRA function
- All raw and analysed data can be exported to third party programmes