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MotionWatch R



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    wrist, watch-type, USB


The MotionWatch R Builds upon the robust and proven electronics of the MotionWatch 8, The MotionWatch-R provides a unique all-metal casing to withstand the harshest of environments such as Military or Veterinary use.

The MotionWatch-R provides flexibility with options to switch between wrist and collar (loop) mounting depending upon the application by the simply swapping the mounting plate.

The image to the right shows the MotionWatch-R fitted with the 'loop' mounting. This is a simple stainless steel split-ring which may be readily replaced with a larger split-ring if required.

The MotionWatch–R casing has an aluminium alloy upper and lower section secured by four screws. The mounting plate is made from polished stainless steel.

A waterproof and dustproof seal ensures that the device can be used in all environments.

The image below shows the MotionWatch-R fitted with the 'wrist' mounting option - suitable for an 18mm nylon watch strap.