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bottle labeling machine / for vials / in-line
LabelStar® System 1



  • Applications:

    bottle, for vials

  • Operation:



The LABELSTAR® System 1 is manufactured to handle round bottles at speeds of up to 250 BPM*. This extremely efficient labeling system can be integrated into any production line for the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Biotech, Cosmetic, Chemical and Food & Beverage Industries, and can be equipped with a wide variety of options to tackle any specific challenge. Various types of indexing systems are offered to ensure proper indexing of the bottles into the labeling station. These in-feed systems will stop the bottle flow should any alarm occur, ensuring proper product output. A round bottle positioning system is also offered to ensure a proper label position.

• Feed screw
• Star-wheel indexing
• Standard separator wheel
• Dual belt separator

Numerous types of coding devices, offer additional flexibility and configuration options to accommodate any label type.

• Hot Stamp
• Thermal Transfer
• Laser
• Ink jet coding devices

The LABELSTAR® System 1 can be equipped with the latest in quality verification systems ensuring all failed inspections will result in the defective container being rejected. Systems such as:

• Bar Code Scanners
• Complete Vision Inspection System for OCR, OCV Inspection (lot #/expiration date)
• Label Code Verification
• Label Presence Sensors.

Application: Vials | Round | Oval | Square | Rectangular

Speed*: Up to 500 meters (164 ft.) per minute (200 BPM**)