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bottle labeling machine / for vials / pressure
LabelStar® System 3



  • Applications:

    bottle, for vials

  • Operation:



The LABELSTAR® System 3 is a versatile pressure sensitive labeling system that can apply a top and/or bottom label at speeds up to 250BPM*. The System 3 can be integrated onto any LabelStar® system and can be used on vials, round bottles, square bottles, and rectangular bottles. The LABELSTAR® System 3 can be equipped with the latest in quality verification stations systems ensuring all failing inspections will result in the defective container being rejected.

• Bar Code Scanners
• Complete Vision Inspection System for OCR, OCV Inspection (lot #/expiration date)
• Label Code Verification
• Label Presence Sensors.

Applications: Vials | Round Bottles | Square Bottles | Rectangular Bottles

Speed*: Up to 50 meters (164 ft.) per minute (200 BPM**)