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rapid infectious disease test / for carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae / molecular
Xpert® Carba-R



  • Applications:

    for infectious diseases

  • Tested parameter:

    for carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae

  • Analysis mode:



Xpert® Carba-R
On-demand detection and differentiation of KPC, NDM, VIM, IMP-1 and OXA-48 (now covering OXA-181 & OXA-232)

The Need
The emergence and global spread of carbapenemase-producing organisms (CPO) is of great concern to health services worldwide
These bacteria are often resistant to all beta-lactam antibiotics and frequently co-resistant to most other antibiotics, leaving very few treatment options
Healthcare facilities need the ability to test high-risk patients and get an accurate result quickly during or prior to the admission process for better patient and bed management
Traditional enriched culture methods are laborious, taking up to 72 hours for a result
To address this infection control challenge, it is desirable to have a rapid, accurate, and easy to use on-demand PCR test

The Solution

Xpert Carba-R is an on-demand PCR test that detects and differentiates the most prevalent carbapenemases gene families (KPC, NDM, VIM, IMP-1 and OXA-48, now covering OXA-181 & OXA-232) in 48 minutes
Xpert Carba-R provides rapid and accurate detection of CPO; giving you actionable information to help prevent outbreaks and help determine the best patient management pathway
Enhance your infection control program with Xpert Carba-R by identifying patients that are colonized with CPO quickly
Xpert Carba-R identifies the specific genes that code for carbapenemase production that common culture methods alone cannot provide. Even sophisticated culture methods would not reveal these results in a time frame that allows effective infection control interventions
Xpert Carba-R delivers the best tool for surveillance, monitoring, and control of CPOs