whole body balneotherapy bathtub



  • Area of the body:

    whole body


The Laguna Balneological bath tub is water therapy tub specifically made for bathing of the whole body of immobile patients. Bath cures such as simple hyperthermic, mineral, bubble bath, carbonic, radon and bath with add-ons may be administered in this tub. However, higher models of the Laguna tub is recommended for bath cures such as simple hyperthermic, universal and radon.

Cures with add-ons may change the surface color of the tub shell which is just normal. The Laguna Bubble on the other hand, is designed for gentle stimulative massage of the whole body under water through a bubble bath. It is for this purpose that the Laguna Bubble has a built-in pressed air generator and special air jets placed at the bottom of the tub.