animal research veterinary treadmill / for mice / for rats

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animal research veterinary treadmill / for mice / for rats animal research veterinary treadmill / for mice / for rats


  • Type:

    for animal research

  • Animal type:

    for mice, for rats


General Information
NEW Telemetry Option: Our Oxymax and Metabolic Treadmill have long been the gold standard for measuring VO2 max in mice and rats. But telemetric measurements have always proved difficult on a treadmill. Static and motor electrical-noise have always interfered with the signal. But we have recently developed a special antenna for our treadmill that produces a clear signal for core body temperature and heart rate.

Columbus Instruments' Modular Treadmill encloses each animal within an isolated space. An exercise belt, associated pulleys, and optional stimuli are enclosed in a compartment which can be made air-tight. The addition of an open-flow calorimeter to the compartment will create a complete system for the measurement of respiratory metabolic performance while exercising. A Modular Treadmill system is constructed of master and slave units. A master unit incorporates an electric motor and speed controller to which one to seven additional slave units can be connected for exercising multiple animals. The incline of each animal compartment is individually adjustable in 5° increments. Electrical stimulus grids are available for each exercise lane and can be activated manually by the operator. The intensity of electrical shock is also operator adjustable from 0.35mA to 1.5mA. LED lamps indicate which electrical stimulus grid is active.

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