electrophoresis power supply
EV2000 series

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electrophoresis power supply electrophoresis power supply - EV2000 series


On screen help in 4 languages
Real Time Clock
Various running modes:
- Simple Mode
- 9x9 Method Programming Mode
- Voltage Ramp Mode
- Timer Mode
Constant voltage/Constant current/Constant power
Automatic cross-over
Automatic recovery after power failure
Password protection
Remote control via open communication protocol
Safety features:
- Ground leakage detection
- Overload protection
- Smooth voltage rise
- No load detection
- Isolated USB communication
Free software and firmware updates

EV2000 series is a robust 150W power supply in a small housing and designed to be easy to use.
EV2310 (300V, 1000mA): An excellent choice for blotting, multiple horizontal and vertical gels.
EV2650 (600V, 500mA): All round power supply suitable for most tanks and applications.
EV2230 (1500V, 300mA): Suitable for higher voltage applications
EV2320 (3000V, 150mA): A high voltage power supply in a small form factor

EV2000 series has a firmware upgrade capability. Moreover EV2000 series has a continuous logging combined with a real time clock. The complete EV series can keep it’s voltage constant at low currents without problem and will keep on functioning at low and high tempe-ratures. Consort Power Supplies are the most robust, long lasting and durable electrophoresis power supplies in the market.

Specifications depending on model
Power 0-150 W
Voltage 0-300 V to 0-3000V
Current 0-150 mA to 0-1000mA
Outputs 4
Operating Modes 4
Simple Mode9x9 Method Programming Mode
Voltage Ramp mode
Timer Mode (time or Vh)
USB interface
Real Time Clock
Mutiple safety features
Warranty 36 months
Made in Belgium