electrophoresis power supply
EV3000 series

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electrophoresis power supply electrophoresis power supply - EV3000 series


The high-power high-end EV3000 power supply series has 5 versions. In the 300V to 1200V range we have 3 versions:
EV3020 (300V, 2000mA): an excellent choice for blotting, multiple horizontal and vertical gels.
EV3610 (600V, 1000mA): our most popular all round power supply suitable for most tanks and applications
EV3150 (1200V, 500mA): suitable for higher voltage applications with a need for higher currents
The front panel and graphical display are designed for ease of use. The display provides all useful information during runs and will show an on screen help to guide the user in setting up the power supply. In Simple Mode you just have to set your power supply to the desired parameters and press run.
EV3000 series has a firmware upgrade capability so future improvements and features will always be available.
Moreover EV3000 series has a continuous logging combined with a real time clock so it’s possible to get an overview of previous runs, including possible down-times in case of mains power failures.
The complete EV series can keep it’s voltage constant at low currents without problem and will keep on functioning at low and high temperatures.
Consort Power Supplies are the most robust, long lasting and durable electrophoresis power supplies in the market.

On screen help in 4 languages to assist setting up the power supply parameters and solve errors.
Firmware updates allows for upgrades to the latest version via the USB interface. Feature requests can also be implemented via the firmware system.
Real Time Clock date and time are kept in a battery backup system and is used logging an electrophoresis run.