horizontal electrophoresis chamber
EHS3300, EHS3350



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The EHS3300 is our most popular mini-gel unit. A combination of outstanding versatiiity and value make it an idéal personal gel
device. Two unit configurations are available induding the new EHS3350 which includes integrated automatic buffer recirculation for
improved performance. Ail systems feature RapidCast™ casting system for tapeless casting in the buffer chamber base or in optional
casting frame.

RapidCast™ gel casting technology.
Heavy duty lower butfer chamber and Interlock safety lid with attached leads.
Buffer chamber with colour coded, sealed platinum electrodes and non-slip rubber feet.
UV transmissible gel tray with long-life silicone gaskets, built-in fluorescent ruler and 2 comb slots.
Safety cover with attached retractable-sheathed power cords.
Wide range of combs and accessories available.