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laboratory cabinet / benchtop / vertical laminar flow
670FL, FL-2



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    vertical laminar flow


To ensure the reliability of the tests, it is essential that the work carried out inside the cabinet does not become contaminated. To create an environment that is safe and particle-tree, the vertical laminar flow cabinets we manufacture produce a stream of Class ISO 5 stérile air. This air passes through a H14 HEPA filter (manufactured pursuant to Standard EN-1822] at a constant speed, travelling downward through the cabinet in a vertical laminar flow and producing stérile air, protecting the product from external contamination and possible cross-contamination between samples.
The cabinets that are equipped with our filtration System, which has a minimum efficiency rate of 99.995% for 0.3 pm particles in the upper part of the filter and an extraction rate of 100% as regards the air flow to the outside.

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