cephalometric X-ray system / panoramic X-ray system / digital / floor-mounted
VistaPano S Ceph



  • Type of system:

    panoramic X-ray system, cephalometric X-ray system

  • Technology:


  • Ergonomics:



Quick cephalometric projections with low X-ray dose

Quick cephalometric X-ray images with excellent image quality are achieved with the new VistaPano S Ceph and with the lowest possible dose. The reason for this is the extreme short scanning time of the line sensor – 4.1 senconds only – which significantly reduces the risk of motion blur. For young patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, the combination of low X-ray dose and short scanning time presents a considerable advantage. The two high-end CsI sensors - for panoramic X-ray and Ceph projection – already integrated in the unit eliminate the time-consuming switching of the sensor, and thus the risk of damage. All this makes VistaPano S Ceph the ideal X-ray solution for orthodontic surgery and maxillofacial surgery. In addition, the VistaPano S Ceph offers you all functions and advantages of the VistaPano S.

This is what counts:

Very fast scan in 4.1 seconds (lat. head)
Excellent image quality
Low radiation dose
No sensor change, 2 high-end CsI sensors are integrate