panoramic X-ray system / digital / floor-mounted
VistaVox S



  • Type of system:

    panoramic X-ray system

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The USP of the VistaVox S is found in the ideal 3D imaging volumes which are oriented to the human anatomy. With its jaw-shaped Ø 100 x 85 mm volume, the Field of View of the tomograph has been designed to ensure the capture of the complete mouth area, up to the rear molars. This provides the best preconditions for almost every 3-D finding with a single positioning of the patient. The anatomically adapted volume covers a diagnostic area for which conventional 3D technology would otherwise require a very costly unit with a volume of 130 mm in diameter. When supplemented by the 17 panoramic programmes and the tried-and-tested S-pan technology, this provides dental practices with excellent imaging diagnostics in both the 2D and 3D area.