water filter / laboratory / dental / for medical suction pumps

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water filter / laboratory / dental / for medical suction pumps water filter / laboratory / dental / for medical suction pumps


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    laboratory, dental, for medical suction pumps


Disposable filterFor suction systems, automatic separators and selective trays. Disposable filters yellow, pack of 12, for automatic separator and selective manifolds Disposable filters white, pack of 10, for 0711/0712/0716 Suction manifolds Pocket filters, pack of 10, for older systemsThe filter can be cleaned in a steam sterilisor in order to increase its transmissibility (in sterile product packaging, at 134 °C, 2.16 bar gauge pressure
above ambient environment, holding time 5 min, subsequently dried).
The filter doesn‘t produce sterile airThe maintenance of an operating log-book in connection with the operation of an amalgam separator is obligatory in the Federal
Republic of Germany. We recommend the use of such a log-book, however, also in countries with differing legal situations, in
order to maintain a complete record of maintenance and repair of the appliance.
In the following chapters reference is made solely to German law. We draw your attention to the fact that when using the various
models of DÜRR Amalgam Separators outside the Federal Republic of Germany the operator is obliged to inform himself of the
rules and regulations governing the control of waste water purity valid in his country.
To protect water against pollution the German Federal Government has ordered by law (i.e. §7a, para.1, sentence 3 WHG) the
regulations for drainage from various sources.
To fulfil the demands laid down in the framework of drainage regulations of this law, (appendix 50 'Dental Treatment')