medical air compressor / oil-free / piston
KV 15



  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    oil-free, piston

  • Flow:

    Min.: 38 l/min (10.04 us gal/min)

    Max.: 72 l/min (19.02 us gal/min)

  • Power:

    Min.: 0.1 kW (0.14 hp)

    Max.: 0.26 kW (0.35 hp)


Oil-free piston-vacuum pump range KV 15
The oil-free piston vacuum pumps of the range KV are realized where utmost operating safety is required, as for example in 24/7-application in industry enterprises, for retention of hydraulic oils on service at construction machinery as well as for medical machines. The oil-free piston-vacuum pumps offer as a 2-phase pump a vacuum of up to 30 mbar. The characteristic of the oil-free piston-vacuum pumps are the integrated, overdimensioned bearings. Owing to this, the best possible lifetime and reliability of the vacuum pumps is achieved. The suction capacity of oil-free piston-vacuum pumps of the range KV remains almost unchanged even after many thousand operating hours because of the exactly aligned components.