electrical insulation tester / for endoscopes / portable
easyseal EF606

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electrical insulation tester / for endoscopes / portable electrical insulation tester / for endoscopes / portable - easyseal EF606


  • Tested parameter:

    electrical insulation

  • Applications:

    for endoscopes

  • Configuration:



EF606 Sériés Electrosurgical Insulation Detector is a spécial détection instrument used in the field of hospital disinfection supply center, operating room, endoscope room and other departments for active and internai insulation or on-off détection of active medical devices. Intra-abdominal hemorrhage, perforation of gastrointestinal tract, vascular rupture infection, residual problems after surgery, and death during surgery. Therefore, according to national standards and spécifications, the sériés of medical insulation testers are designed for medical devices with power supply, which is easy to use, simple to operate, accurate positioning of fault points, and can quickly detect the damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye on the insulating layer of the device. To protect the safety of patients and medical personnel, the surgery can truly be completely safe!

Main Features
>Color 2.8" LCD touch screen, touch operation interface, built-in buzzer, equipped with a variety of matching accessories, can realize the détection of charged surgical instruments and medical power cords;
>With high-pressure test time setting function, high-voltage sustainable discharge time can be set within 2 to 20 seconds according to the actual détection needs, which effectively ensures the détection of ail types of charged devices, while ensuring the safety of the détection process and the service life of the battery;
>With sound, light, shadow three ways at the same time the alarm, adjustable alarm volume and operation prompt tone, to prevent négligence ;