explosion-proof sieve shaker / vertical / sample preparation / benchtop



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  • Applications:

    sample preparation

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  • Other characteristics:


  • Speed:

    280 rpm (1,759.3 rad.min-1)


Explosion Proof Sieve Shaker

The E6105 Stainless Steel explosion proof sieve shaker is designed to be used in environments made hazardous by explosive vapors or dusts. The reciprocal action of the sieve platform is enhanced by a vertical acceleration component imparted to the sample through rocker arm linkages thus increasing the efficiency of the separation. The shaking speed is 280 osc/min. A 0-99H:99M:99S timer and pilot lamp are included.

Please note: This unit is electrically explosion proof only. The final installation of the shaker must be performed by an electrician to ensure adherence to local explosion proof codes. The shaker is electrically explosion proof rated for Class 1, Div 1 groups C,D and Class II, Div 1, groups E,F,G. Eberbach Explosion Proof Products are manufactured with certified components and wired by third party certified electrical engineers. Hazardous location certification documentation costs are additional. Please contact us for more information.

Speed Range: 280 osc/min (+/- 5%)
Max Load Capacity: 40 lbs
Max Sieve Capacity:18" Total Stacking Height. Custom Heights Available
Explosion Proof Electrical Rating (115V):Class 1, Div 1 GP C,D and Class II, Div 1, GP E,F,G
Explosion Proof Electrical Rating (230V):Class I, GP C,D, Class II, GP F,G Division 1
Electrical: 115V model
115V | 60hz | 4.8 amps | T3B Rated Motor
Electrical: 230V model 230V | 50hz | 10.6 amps | T4 Rated Motor
Weight: 76 lbs
Dimensions (power unit): Length - 29 in | Width - 24 in | Height - 12 in