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medical imaging display / operating room / 19" / LCD
CuratOR® EX190



  • Applications:

    operating room, medical imaging

  • Display size:


  • Technology:

    LCD, LED-backlit

  • Other characteristics:



This high-brightness color monitor for diagnosis is perfect for accurate displaying of grayscale tones as well as color images in the medical environment. The monitor accepts multiple input signals from both state of the art and legacy systems. Its high contrast creates the perfect fit for most grayscale modalities and imaging systems. Typical application areas are endoscopy, cardiology and ultrasound.

Five precalibrated 10 bit look up tables selectable for diverse modalities and viewing environments.
Freely adjustable user lookup table allowing users to set their own preferences.
Color slider for color adjustment in the field without the loss of grayscale tones.
Grayscale tones adjusted in the factory to meet DICOM Part 14 standard for optimum viewing of DICOM images.
Force Mode for tailoring the monitor to even the most specialized timing requirements.
Wide range of input support.

Perfect Image Reproduction thanks to IPS LCD Technology
The LCD technology used eliminates picture geometry distortions and color spots. The monitor delivers flicker-free images, even at low refresh rates (60 Hz). In addition, IPS technology guarantees improved contrast values and significantly higher viewing angle stability. The result is a device that meets the highest ergonomic requirements.

Individualized Color Point Adjustment
The monitor's default blue color location can be adjusted to individual requirements using a color slider. This enables color adjustment in the field such as when replacing a monitor. The adjustment can be performed via the On Screen Display (OSD) without external tools such as a luminance meter or calibration software.