viewing window / laboratory / hospital / radiation protection



  • Applications:

    viewing, laboratory, hospital, radiation protection

  • Other characteristics:

    lead glass


NEG’s LX Premium, a high-functionality glass with excellent radiation shielding capability manufactured by laminating LX-57B radiation shielding lead glass panel with special cover glass panels. A multi-layer structure, the glass surface isn't discoloring from chemicals or when wiped with wet cloth, among other situations. LX Premium is a next-generation radiation shielding glass combining ease of handling with toughness.

It reduces medical staff’s radiation exposure at radiation diagnosis facilities, etc. It's an Access Windows for X-ray rooms or hybrid operation rooms that require sterilization and disinfection, it is also for angiography rooms that are highly exposed to splashes of chemicals. Lastly, Its Windows for frequently used doors of X-ray rooms, etc...