viewing window / laboratory / hospital / radiation protection



  • Applications:

    viewing, laboratory, hospital, radiation protection

  • Other characteristics:

    lead glass


EG’s LX Premium is a high-functionality glass with excellent radiation shielding capability manufactured by laminating an LX-57B (a JIS-certified product) radiation shielding lead glass panel with special cover glass panels. With excellent impact safety, LX Premium is a next-generation radiation shielding glass combining ease of handling (same as ordinary glass) with toughness. It offers the following features: 1) Lead glass is sandwiched by special cover glass, which eliminates the possibility of glass surfaces becoming discolored by chemicals, 2) The glass surfaces that are made from special cover glass can be wiped with wet cloth or cleaned with glass cleaners and detergents, 3) LX Premium has excellent impact safety. The multi-layer structure prevents splashes when the glass is broken. (LX Premium meets the impact performance of Class II-1 as defined in JIS R 3205 Laminated glass.)