image-guided radiation therapy linear particle accelerator / with robotized positioning table



  • Type of therapy:

    image-guided radiation therapy

  • Components:

    with robotized positioning table


Proven technology for everyone, everywhere

Clinics are required to deliver high-quality, high-volume treatments with increasingly challenging access to capital and resources. Synergy Series is the perfect foundation to establish your pathway to the innovations that have revolutionized cancer care around the world.
Unique Features
Largest IGRT field of view
Green Beam Technology
Upgradable to advanced technologies

Essential Features
Choice of high-quality imaging modalities
Advanced beam-shaping technology
Proactive and predictive 24/7 maintenance
Inspiring Confidence
Reliable and accessible technology provides confidence for every treatment
A trusted solution around the world
Close to 2,000 systems in clinical use in over 70 countries both mature and emerging markets, and about 1 million cancer patients helped annually through Synergy treatments.

Empower clinical decisions with the largest imaging field-of-view
The unparalleled 50 cm x 26 cm largest IGRT field-of-view enables complete visualization of critical anatomical information to support clinical decisions at the time of treatment.

Advanced MLC technology allows fast and accurate treatments
Synergy’s advanced MLC provides excellent beam shaping capabilities for dynamic delivery techniques and low leaf transmission protects organ-at-risk (OAR).