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wire myograph / for preclinical research

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wire myograph / for preclinical research wire myograph / for preclinical research


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    for preclinical research


The measurement of microvessels contractility following drug administration is widely used in preclinical research.

Our myograph systems are suitable for the study of microvessels, such as veins, small arteries, lymph vessels and tracheal smooth muscle.

Oxygenated and nutrient-rich perfusate is provided to tissues with lumen diameter from 100µm to 3mm and segment lengths up to 3.5mm, while allowing the investigation of vascular function following drug challenges.

Our product line includes:

emkaMYO2, driven manually and equipped with 1 or 2 myograph modules
emkaBATH4, automated system equipped with up to 4 myograph modules

Compact and modular systems
Available in single (MYO1), dual (MYO2) or with four myograph modules (emkaBATH4)
Equipped with itMYO2 isometric transducer
Small bath volume of 5 ml
Vessels are mounted on tungsten wire
Precision vernier positioner for tissue tension
emkaBATH4 can also be used for tissue studies in tubular baths. Learn more
Easy to use
Easy access to the tissue
Monobloc myograph bath for easy cleaning
Integrated transducers and amplifiers
Manual tissue tensioning
Automated bath emptying
Bath temperatures adjusted & controlled electronically
MYO1 can be upgraded with two myograph modules
Myograph module can be used indifferently on emkaMYO2 or emkaBATH4