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clean room shower / air clean room shower / air


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ENVAIR Air SHOWERS are units which are used in cleanrooms in the fields of micro-electronics, semi-conductor production, airbruch painting, pharmaceutical and food industry, to remove dust from the outer surfaces of operator's clothing before entering the clean and dust-free area.

This thorough dust removal effect is obtained by special aluminium jets which blow filtered air at high speed (more than 25 m/s) to the clothing of the operator. In this way dust particles, powder residues and other particles are removed by the air which flows from different directions (even from above) against the operator. The air is then drawn downwards due to the light negative pressure against the surrounding air and is recirculated through G3 prefilter grid. After being treated by the G3 prefilter and high efficient HEPA filters the air is recirculated into the shower again. The resulting clean air corresponds to ISO 5 class quality as per standard ISO 14644-1.