automatic ELISA workstation / for clinical diagnostic / benchtop / IFA



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    for clinical diagnostic

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Fully Automated 4 plate ELISA and IFA processor.
Product Details
Product Features:

MAGO® 4 is an open immunoanalytical system to perform all steps of ELISA
Automation of ELISA, IFA and agglutination tests processing simultaneously in one batch
Performs up to 12 ELISA tests (on 4 microplates), or up to 16 IFA tests (slides)
104 samples, barcodes, disposable tips
Levey-Jennings and Westgards rules program on board
27 positions for reagents, standards and controls
Integrated barcode reader
Bidirectional connection with LIS (RS232, LAN, USB)
Liquid level sensor
Optimization of incubation conditions
Two wash solutions (2 x 2l)
Test results validation based on predefined conditions/rules
Free space for programming up to 500 methods

Product Applications:

Wide range offer of EIA (ELISA) and IFA tests:

Autoimmune disease
Infection disease
Allergy and food intolerance

Technical Specification
Integrated ELISA reader, halogen lamp, interference filtres 405, 450, 492, 620 (two free positions)
Westgards rules and Levey-Jennings charts on board
Windows 10 software platform
Dimensions (120 x 69,5 x 60 cm)
Weight 85 Kg