dental laboratory dust suction unit / centralized

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dental laboratory dust suction unit / centralized dental laboratory dust suction unit / centralized - AS/TURBO


  • Applications:

    for dental laboratories

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It is a centralized unit equipped with brush-less motors (without carbon brushes). The filtering system is by two high efficiency and self-cleaning cartridge filters and by a dust and powder separator positioned at the inlet. The machine is automatically controlled by a computer controlling the power supplied to the motors (determined by the number of working users) and the filter cleaning cycles. The computer display indicates the filter maintenance, after about 1500 working hours; an audible signal will advise when the lower container, holding up 60kg of plaster powder, has to be emptied. The unit requires connection to a compressor with a minimum capacity of 150 litres per minute.
Technical features:
· Supply: 230V 50-60 Hz single-phase;
· Power: 3600W;
· Compressed air pressure: 6 Bar;
· Piping: 11cm diam., maximum length 24m (the diameter decreases step by step till 4cm into the workstations);
· Users: up to 10 at the same time;
· Noise: 74dBA with silencer;
· Air outlet: on the top or on the side;
· Dimensions: cm115x47x183H (add 30cm each side for the connection, if the outlet is on the top add only 30cm on the right).
Another possibility comes with the use of distributorsand , compact and
versatile. They include five electropneumatic valves RAT0024, one control unit RAR0160, and the header RTB0395. They can be installed in many configurations, horizontally or vertically, making it simpler to make the connections between the centralised suction unit and users.