laparoscopic clip applier

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laparoscopic clip applier laparoscopic clip applier - LIGAMAX™ 5


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With the LIGAMAX™ 5 Endoscopic Clip Applier, you are able to substantially reduce the size of incision without compromising on security or clip size. Surgeons have a plethora of clip sizes to choose from to include large and medium clip sizes through 10 mm and 5 mm trocars. This provides precise and confident ligation in a low invasive environment. Additionally, this clip may also be used for several other laparoscopic procedures including cholecystectomies treatments.

This device is precise and its distal tip closing capabilities provides controlled placement. This features also allows it to form a curve in order to secure a cholangiogram catheter. Its lobg, thin, and angled jaws are easy to use and provide easy access and visibility. This device is fitted with an ergonomic handle and a 360 degree rotation knob that makes it easy to maneuver the device. It also comes with an overload and anti-backup mechanism for protection of jaws.