podiatry examination chair / electric / height-adjustable / 3 sections



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    3 sections


FUTURA is a professional podiatry high-quality patient chair, marked by elegance, versatility, and innovative design. This chair has 3 silent actuators which enables the rising-lowering movement and allows adjustment of both the back-rest and the seat positions. It’s possible to select 2 positions at a time. Memorize and recall functions can be activated using the 2 buttons placed in the middle of the pedal. The chair has a minimum height of 48 cm and its leg-rest has a maximum height of 130 cm. The back-rest has a maximum inclination of 20°, allowing the operator to select the Trendelenbourg position. This chair also has 3 memories, two of which can be posted to customer’s taste while the 3rd is fixed (MZERO).