medication management software / prescription / control / import



  • Function:

    medication management, control, import, traceability, prescription

  • Application domain:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Medical establishment:



SPD Integral Control Software from prescription to take.
It allows to produce safely, to ensure the traceability of the medication until it is taken and
manage medications It also makes it possible to make medical prescriptions and changes online by the doctor, as well as detects incompatibilities or interactions between prescribed medications. Manage the debt, accounting for the produced and sold.
Software that allows you to send the correct orders to the machines to obtain the correct dispensing, so AMCO will administer the center to control the PDS machine to dispense the patient, select the cell lighting to guide the pharmacist to dispense the correct medications and trays for Dispense medications that are not inside the PDS machine.
-Create or import your patient data
-Create your own posologies
-Import lots directly from your system and proceed to production
-Manage your medications and canisters
-Edit your own layouts