X-rays preclinical imaging system / for tissue samples



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    for tissue samples


CoreVision® by Faxitron® enables confirmation of a successful biopsy procedure with the touch of a button, eliminating delays waiting for verification of core samples. Make your process more efficient with CoreVision, which instantly sends images to multiple destinations without interrupting the mammography workflow.


Immediate verification of core samples, saving time and minimizing patient stress
Easy to use, with no need for additional training or requirements for x-ray shielding, single button operation and the ability to send multiple annotated images to PACS
Compact design and small footprint to minimize intrusion at the point of care
Easy alignment and secure transport guaranteed by the use of radiographically optimized core containers
Optimal imaging via a 5cm x 10cm (2” x 4”) detector which provides automatic calibration, self-diagnostic capability and Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) optimized for detecting micro-calcifications for images displayed on 24” high resolution 3.7 MP monitor
Remote diagnostic and support from product specialists that put you and your patients first