sentinel lymph node detection gamma probe / hand-held



  • Measurement type:

    for sentinel lymph node detection

  • Ergonomics:



TruNode® from Faxitron® is the best-in-class sterile, wireless, single-use gamma probe for common, radioguided surgical procedures. TruNode senses hotspots better than existing probes due to its innovative detector and heuristic audio feedback technology. Designed to perform less invasively and with greater accuracy, TruNode gives the surgeon complete control from the sterile field.


Easy to use fingertip control from the sterile field with a proprietary User Feedback Unit, mounted to an IV pole, which provides audible and visual user feedback to enable clearer elucidation of hot spots
Three detection modes powered by fingertip push button switches that allows for immediate selection of high-resolution ‘Point’, high-sensitivity ‘Scan’ or I-125 ‘Seed’ modes
Single use sterile probe relieves nursing staff of infection controls and comes ready to use, eliminating batteries to replace or cables to find
Designed for efficiency, including voice reporting which eliminates the need to see the display, a less invasive and easier to maneuver 10mm Gamma Probe tip and built-in collimator
Cost effective, enabling multiple gamma probes to be deployed in parallel, eliminating scheduling conflicts and the need for CAPX budgeting and rental equipment