bipolar cutting electrosurgical unit / bipolar coagulation / surgical / radio frequency



  • Features:

    bipolar cutting, bipolar coagulation

  • Application domain:


  • Type:

    radio frequency

  • Cutting power:

    200 W

  • Coagulating power:

    150 W


DIATROM® FLASH is a diathermo-coagulator unit which is suitable to microsurgery as well as to precision monopolar and bipolar surgery. DIATROM® FLASH can supply RF operative power either for program-mable time as short as thousends of a second or for the whole driving time carried out by a handpiece or a footswitch. DIATROM® FLASH by means of the selection of the unit’s performance, allows CUT, BLEND, COAG FORCED, COAG SOFT, BIPOLAR with special adaptor. DIATROM® FLASH allows a highly professional surgery thanks to the er-gonomic and safety solutions nor-mally utilised in equipments with higher output power used in the surgical room. CODE 10300.30 NEW. Frequency 600 kHz. Max power CUT 120 W - 250 Ohm. BLEND 120 W - 200 Ohm. ENHANCED 120 W - 250 Ohm. FORCED COAG 150 W - 150 Ohm. SOFT COAG 90 W - 100 Ohm. BIPOLAR 80 W - 100 Ohm. Patient circuit F. Power supply 115-230Vca / 50-60Hz. Power max absorption 350 VA. Size 370 x 320 x 144 mm (h). Weight 6 kg. Conform to the directive 93/42/CEE II b. Safety class I CF.