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synthetic bone substitute / dental sugery / granules

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synthetic bone substitute / dental sugery / granules synthetic bone substitute / dental sugery / granules - Nanosynt


  • Type of graft:


  • Use:

    dental sugery

  • Features:



Its nanostructured and ultra porous morphology provides excellent biological response, as it offers anchorage for osteoblastic cells. Available in fractioned form, it offers convenience and safety in the various regenerative situations, without waste.
High porosity: It favors vascularization, fixation of osteoblasts and bone deposition. It allows the connection of the bone tissue in formation and / or neoformed with the surrounding bone tissue. It avoids encapsulation of the forming bone tissue by fibrous conjuctive tissue.
Excellent handling: For being higly hydrophilic, it must be hydrated "drop by drop" with saline or blood, forming a cohesive mass of excellent usability.
Osteoconductivity: Its excellent osteoconductive structure, allows for the vascularization and the fast cellular deposition.
Convenience: Available in fractioned form (2 or 4 ampoules of 0.27cc), resulting in minimal material waste.
Safety: 100% synthetic, contributing to better biological safety for eliminating any risk of contamination.
Radiopaque: It allows monitoring with radiographic and tomographic images during bone neoformation.
Reconstruction/filling of small to medium size intraoral and/or maxillofacial bone defects that present at least 3 remaining bone walls;
Reconstruction/filling of dental alveolus of 1 or more teeth (e.g.: after tooth removal);
Reconstruction (horizontal and vertical) in cases of bone defect on alveolar ridge;
Sinus lift;
Regenerative periodontal treatment;
Regenerative peri-implant treatment;
Filling of osseous defect after apicectomy, removal of cists, corrective osteotomy.