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TE 62

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electrophoresis chamber electrophoresis chamber - TE 62


TE 62 Transfer Cooled Unit

New hinged cassettes molded of tough, glass-filled polyethersulfone for increased durability.
Transfer four standard gels or 16 mini-gels.
Load cassettes easily with even contact between the gel and transfer membrane.
Secure, sturdy electrode panels lock automatically in place.
Efficient transfer due to evenly spaced vertical platinum wire on electrode panel.
The gel cassettes provide a stiff backbone for the gel and membrane sandwiches. The hinged halves lock together for equal pressure across the gel. The grid design of the gel cassettes maximizes the open area for even transfers of gels up to 15 × 21 cm. The crucial element for uniform electrophoretic transfer, a uniform electrical field, is assured by spacing the electrode panels 10 cm apart and incorporating 140 cm of wire in an evenly-spaced pattern. For safety, the electrode panels are locked securely into the Transfer Unit, but can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.