analysis software / diagnostic / CT / dental



  • Function:

    analysis, diagnostic

  • Application domain:

    CT, dental


DICOM Solution

Masterpiece of Digital Image Management

TRIANA is is able to manage Panoramic, Cephalometric, CT, and Portable, with Sensor image, and Triana is compatible with PACS
Genoray Dental Line up

Supporting Gigabyte and by fast image processing, providing stable Client Viewer Speed
3D Reconstruction Hive engine

Various volume rendering options such as Gray, X-ray, MIP and etc provide 3D image visualization
MPR (Multi-Planar Formatting)

MPR mode provides three plain view (axial, cornal and sagittal) on one screen for focused area diagnosis.
Dental Reformatting

Using panoramic, cross-sectional, and longitudinal 2D view, you can plan your ‘perfect’ implant positioning!
Support for DICOM 3.0

DICOM 3.0 supplies the most optimum environment for dental clinic in digital system.